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To submit a request fill in all the required information listed below. Mandatory fields are marked with a asterisk. Along with the mandatory fields you must select and provide at least one method to be contacted on.

Request Type Online Service Requests - Public Water Supplies

Location Details

Select the location of the issue.

If you know the Exact Property Address, please use the Property Tab to search.

If your request is not in relation to a specific Property Address, please use the Street Tab.

Location Detail is not mandatory on all Request Type, but where available please ensure to enter it, as it will enable us to respond to the request quicker.

Name Details

Enter your contact details.

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Please enter at least one daytime contact number
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Request Description

Enter a descriptive explanation of the request to be lodged.

Submit the Request

Click Submit to lodge this request. Once lodged you will receive a eRequest ID which you can use to track the progress of your request using the Track Request menu item.